Testimonials & Feedback

Below is just a small selection of the hundreds of testimonials I've been happy and grateful to recieve from FLR customers from all over the world.

It's always warming to receive such great feedback, and I want to say a thanks to all of your who contributed below, especially for allowing me to often use your real names and e-mail addresses.

As well as Fat Loss Revealed customers, you'll also see unsolicited testimonials from respected and qualified experts. I respect and thank all of you who kindly put their respected name and reputation to my program.

Will Brink
Author : Fat Loss Revealed

PS: Again , thank you, and if you've achieved amazing results on the Fat Loss Revealed program or have any feedback you would care to share, please send it to me at info [@ ] fatlossrevealed.com.

joyal md approves of fat loss revealed by will brink
  "Will Brink's information on weight loss supplements and diet is a terrific tool with which to help the lay reader navigate the often conflicting and confusing information behind weight loss supplements.

The weight loss industry is replete with misinformation and outright deception in advertising but Will Brink's info analyzes the data behind weight loss supplements and supplements in a straightforward and easy-to-read manner that should be invaluable to the reader.

You'll get "the real deal" behind the marketing hype to determine which supplements have the scientific data to back up their claims! Don't fall for the hype- let Mr. Brink's give you the information you need to make informed decisions about weight loss supplements and nutriceuticals! "

Steven Joyal MD

dallas phd pproves of fat loss revealed by will brink
Any number of books on the topic of weight loss bedazzle with theory, just as numerous weight loss products beguile with promises to deliver magical results. Fortunately, Will Brink's compact and timely volume clears out the confusion and the hype.

Because Brink not only is an established author on health and fitness topics, but himself also a personal trainer, he knows what works and what doesn't. His information would be valuable if all it contained were the feedback from individuals who have already tried all the fad diets and the magic potions.

Of course, the nutrients and anti-obesity products are described in clear and direct language which, nevertheless, is scientifically accurate. However, again, the real value of the book lies in the fact that the theories and the products all have histories. This volume is the condensed experience of others who have been there. Read it so that you can avoid their mistakes while repeating their successes

Dallas Clouatre, PhD,  

I'm always very skeptical when it comes to information about supplements. I have been working with athletes for years, and now I know what works in the real world and what doesn't, thanks to Will.

"The problem is: Most of the information available in print today is much too uncritical when it comes to useful information for the hard-training athlete.

"Will's book is one of the few exceptions. In a straight forward and honest manner, he describes nearly all the fat loss supplements available today in an easy to read format.

"Will's book gives the reader basic background information on every supplement and judges its effectiveness not just by medical studies, but as well by his own experiences with athletes and others.

"A person who knows his stuff, has a scientific background, and plenty of experience working with people for over a decade, is hard to find today. Will is one of these exceptions, and if you are looking for unbiased information about fat loss supplements without any marketing hype to decide for yourself what to buy, this is definitely for you.

"It will save you money that you would otherwise have spent on worthless supplements in hope of achieving your goals. Highly recommended."

Thorsten Albers M.D.

doctor approved fat loss program
"Few disciplines of human health and wellness are plagued with as much unscientific conjecture and over hyped marketing as that of nutrition, particularly nutrition for fat loss.

During roughly the past decade, Will Brink has emerged as one of the few voices of reason in this particular industry.

Fat Loss Revealed is centered on presenting effective, evidence-based, hype-free dietary and exercise principles in a user-friendly manner. Fat Loss Revealed is a must for anyone looking to achieve a leaner, stronger, and healthier body." I use the FLR system myself and can recommend it.

Dr .Evan R. Peck, M.D

Will Brink's information is a valuable guide for anyone who wishes to lose weight without wasting a lot of money or time trying over-hyped but ineffective diet supplements.

Brink clearly explains what works and what doesn't and why. Unlike most authors who simply spout research findings or anecdotal reports.

Brink melds both scientific evidence and real-world experience to give you an unparalleled grasp of this subject that is certain to help you in your quest to build a better body, his fat loss diet is one of the soundest and result producing I've seen.

Dr. Kevin Pezzi M.D.

Pam Lost 20 Pounds and Transformed Her Health

"My favorite source of healthy nutrition and fat loss diet info came from Will (Brink) and his FLR fat loss system.

His information was my first line of defense in eating correctly to lose the body fat.

I recommend it without hesitation to my friends & family and continue to do so.

As I've said many times before . I know from experience, you can't fail if you follow what Will says.

Pamela Blackburn | Mother of two

Dave Dropped 20 Pounds And Transformed His Physique

dave with belly fat

dave ripped with six pack

Starting Stats

Total Weight : 202 lbs
Body-Fat = 21. 9 %

12 Weeks Later

Total Weight : 182 lbs
Body-Fat := 9.5%

I'll keep this short , my goals were simple to be honest:

1 Drop my body fat
2 Maintain my muscle and gain a little
3 Do it all in 12 weeks

I always knew I could do it. When I finally decided to meet the challenge I wanted a nutrition plan that could be customized for me.

The FLR diet and Will (Brink) did a great job of teaching me what I needed to know and outlining a nutrition plan that even I could follow.

I did run into problems but when I did the FLR trainers and even the man himself Will Brink, were there to answer questions, give advice and support.

Dave Higby

Pat Drops 50 Pounds & Goes
From 52% to 15% Body Fat

pat loses 50 pounds

Here are my before and after pictures.

The "after" was taken on my 48th birthday after a workout.

I've made more progress in 5 months following the principles in your information than the entire (almost) 3 years of dieting and exercise. I never would've thought a guy my age could've done this!"
Pat Sitton

Stephan Lost 21 Lbs Of Fat &
Gained 6 Lbs Of Lean Muscle

stefan wants a six pack
stefan ripped
stefan with belly fat
stefan gets ripped with fat loss revealed
Starting Stats

Total Weight : 195.8

12 Weeks Later

Total Weight :173.8

My fat loss journey started after looking in the mirror one day and noticing my gut poking out more than ever, so I got a friend to take a picture of how bad I let myself go (without my head in it because I was too ashamed it was my gut!) and I began my mission to lose it.

I became a member of FLR just out of curiosity , I had no real hopes but in it I found everything I needed to know on how to lose fat - straight to the point information that really works.

First thing I did was I set my self goals and recorded my results as explained in the motivation section. . Then I went into the members forum where I punched in my details in the Calorie Planner which worked out my macronutrient requirements per day, I also used the diet planner, it's an amazing piece of software, it's allowed me to keep total control over my diet , I couldn't be without it.

I stuck to the diet, did my training as laid out in the book and the gut began to disappear.

In the before picture using the 3 site Accu-measure pinch test I measured; pec: 7mm, ab: 11mm, quad: 8mm, and my weight was 195lbs.

Sticking to the FLR diet I got down to pec: 3mm, abs: 4mm, quad: 4mm with a body weight of 173 lbs. So I lost around 20 lbs of fat and even gained about 6 lbs of muscle mass .

I never thought I could get this lean. FLR made it happen. And the best part about purchasing the e-book is the members area where expert advice is given to any question you may have and it’s filled with tons of useful information. Thanks FLR!

Stefan Uhrik

Sergio Dropped 30 Pounds!
And 7" of His Waist.

Sergio  With Fat Belly

Sergio after with flat six pack

Starting Stats
Mid April

Total Weight : 168(+) lbs
Body-Fat = 26%(+)
Waist Line: 37"(+)

Current Stats
As of September

Total Weight : 138 lbs
Body-Fat := 8.8%
Waist Line: 30"

"It was obvious to me that I had to do something about my weight problem. The problem was I did not know where to start, what to eat, what exercise for my body-type, or what supplements worked or didn't. I had tried pretty much every diet and ebook system I could find online, but basically ended up giving up frustrated with my lack of progress, I had almost given up on finding something different that would actually make a real difference.

In the end I came across Will's Fat Loss Revealed , program purely by accident from a recommended link on a fitness web site, I liked Will's straight up style and a quick search around the web told me he was somebody I could trust.

I purchased FLR in April and immediately knew this was a real fat loss program with a diet and nutrition plan I could stick to.

The program is like a "fat-loss blueprint" that clearly lays-out on a "step by step" basis how to lose fat whether the goal is for better health (my initial goal) or getting ripped.

It covers everything needed to achieve fat-loss Including the essentials like nutrition, fat loss supplement reviews and advice, on-line meal planner, work-outs exercise videos. But to be honest the most amazing part of the FLR system is the advisors and other people following FLR found in the members area on the private forum and so forth.

The advice forum is staffed with highly competent advisors that truly care and are ready to answer and advise on the most confusing question(s) about supplements (that do and don't work!) and fat-loss methods.

I was honored when the man himself, Will Brink, who writes for popular magazines and who has trained world class champions answered questions that I posted on the forum.

I have definitely surpassed my initial goal of just "loosing extra baggage" I've achieved a condition I just didn't think possible thanks to Will Brink's information."

Sergio Lares

Amy Lost Over 50 Pounds Of Fat

Amy after fat loss revealed  

I was hopelessly overweight and quite down on myself. I wasted so much money on fat loss pills and creams, I think I must have tried every diet in the universe. I did lose weight, a few pounds here and there I was a classic yo - yo dieter but I always gained it back and more.

I feel so glad, I finally found your FLR program Will, what it's done for me is something I can't put into words.

In total, "I have lost over 50 pounds of fat while gaining lean muscle to give me that toned look I always wanted, my friends and family still can't believe it and I recommend FLR to all of them, I think you have half my family tree as FLR members now.

I didn't do it as a crash, or quick fix diet, but as a steady healthy reduction in bodyweight as outlined in your program.Your direction and knowledge of diet and supplements has been more than invaluable to my success.

Thank you Will.

Amy Fox

Mike (38 Years Old Loses 30 Pounds)

Dear Will,

...Just a quick note to say thank you for the diet information. I've lost 30 pounds of fat in just over 16 weeks.

I genuninly could never had gotten into the shape I'm in without your experience and the fat loss program from FLR.

I'm now 38 years old and 6% body fat. I would never have got this far without you.

Mike Serino

I wouldn't Be This Lean & Healthy Without Will Brink

I learned so much from Will about losing fat with the correct diet and supplements, I wouldn't be this lean and healthy without him.

His knowledge is unparalleled. I strongly suggest you read what Will has to say - It's a must for any man or woman trying to lose body fat and shape up.

Lee Apperson

'Excellent. I think everyone considering a healthy life style needs to read this e-book.'
Anthony Joseph Chmiel


'I have lost 10.3 pounds and 12.4 inches in two calendar months. I have been able to eat normally without depriving myself, because I have a better guide for my body of what it needs thanks to Wills book. I could stop wondering about certain fads and fashions surrounding vitamins etc and narrow in on the ones that would give me the results I was looking for. Because the anxiousness around food has gone, I'm calmer about my food choices.' -
Debra Wattes


'An excellent resorce for anyone wanting to cut through the industry hype and get to the facts.'
Sandra Moore

I'm very much a lurker 'round these parts. However, I figured it's high time I convey my thanks to Will for his advice & honesty.

I bought & read FLR early this past summer. It had been about 4 years since I had worked out, and I had put on a lot of weight. Since I used to work out quite a bit, I knew what needed to be done, but I wasn't sure what was the best way to do it. After reading FLR, I decided that the program really did make a lot of sense. It was very insightful without being the slightest bit intimidating or over-the-top. I decided to stick to what I read, and have continued to do so for the past 5 and a half months.

Since then, I've lost a good 50 pounds, and have gotten so much strength back that I actually succeeded in amazing myself. I'm the kind of person who tends not to notice changes in himself, but it's far too obvious to ignore this time around. I'm thinner, stronger and far more confident. My physique is also much more balanced this time around. And finally, all my friends are achingly jealous, which just plain kicks ass.

Thanks a ton for putting all this information together. For the price, it's an absolute steal. Speaking of price, I'm going to have to buy an entire new wardrobe, and will be sending you the bill. It is your fault, after all. Kiera (last name witheld)

'Fat Loss Revealed has really helped in my pursuit of weight loss. I can tell that I've already shrunk down a bit, and that hasn't happened for a long time! I'm exercising more and am enjoying it more. I have more energy and I feel like a normal person again.' -
Tracy Catlin


I was very sceptical about this program, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy with what I received, for less cost than most ebooks it delivered an awful lot, and the members area is invaluable in my opinion. I've lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks and I'm on target, I have no hesistation in giving you this testimonial.
Joseph Lacrei


'I am still new to "Fat Loss Revealed" website and just recently finished reading the entire ebook and am more than pleased with my purchase. Granted, I haven't started training or dieting, however, with all the information provided within the eboo and the recommended resoruces, I finally believe this will be the first time in my life that I will once and for all be able to loose weight and be able to keep it off. Thanks Will!' - Lonnie Martin

'I read the e- book and found it extremely informative (I've stopped buying supplements that probably won't work so I therefore save money!). So much so, I recommended it to my trainer who is also a Certified Nutritionist. Thank you so much for trudging through all muck and sorting out all the information. This book is definitely a time saving device as well as a money saving device.'
Kristin Faulk

'It was insightful and to the point. I liked the fact that there was no particular product line being endorsed. I've lost about 20 pounds using supplements reviewed by the book and exercising regularly.'
- Douglas Brown

'The book cuts through the hype surrounding most supplements while letting you know which ones actually work. That, coupled with the diet and nutrition tips makes for an excellent resource.'
Sergio Mendez


'I think FLR is very informative and can be of help to anyone who will take the time to read and educate themselves on the availability of ways to become healthier.'
Nelda R. Cortez

Fat loss Revealed is packed full of valuable information, not just about supplements, but also information on nutrition and workout routines. As a Certified Personal Trainer, this information has been very valuable to me and my clients!' -
April K Rothwell

Personal Trainer mikenaprilr@hotmail.com

'I think this information is a must for anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle. I have gained 1 1/2' on my biceps, lost 20 lbs of fat, and feel better.' -
Evelyn Engstrom

'Good read, goes into enough detail without getting overly technical. Diet has improved, still working on workout consistency' -
Richard M Leavitt


'This is an excellent reference to a no bullshit approach to nutrition. Cutting edge research helps to keep me well informed and knowledgeable to my clients.' -
Rob Anger


'I am MORE than pleased with the e-book... and having the access to Brink's wealth of info... info that is so much more valuable as it is not colored by hype from various companies, etc.

I am highly dedicated to staying in shape (getting in better shape & maintaining it) and am the kind of person who follows through 100%.

The problem is the loads of conflicting info out there. Of course I know some basic stuff that works for me, have learned by trial & error, etc.

But I have been confused in some areas that I really want to pursue... so when I found Brink's book (site, etc.) & took a look at it I was totally into it. I have already discovered several things that are making a big difference in my work- outs, nutrition, etc.

Well, I can't express enough how valuable I have already found this. I'm not so interested in just reading & learning... I'm into application!

Also I really appreciate the attention to any problems I encountered when first downloading, etc. I got immediate responses to my questions and even help beyond that requested. So, again I want to thank Martin & everyone there for this excellent material & the personal attention. I'm on my way to the gym now & more motivated & enthusiastic than ever. Looking forward to future updates & more clean info.'
- Stephen D. Anderson

'The book is very informative and to the point. I especially like the sections where he reveals the supplements that do not do what they are advertised for! -
James T. Richard


'I've gained by knowing what's not working out there. I like his style of writing - very candid.' -
Lisa Susan Headley

'I just bought the supplement guide yesterday and was astonished about the straight to the point information about nutrition and supplements on the market.

I have just decided to start on a diet with EC based supplements and omega 3 fatacids.I train very seriously, but have struggled for years to rip my body fat off especially for summer.

I also appreciate the additional chapters about composing a highly efficient training routine. Especially I thank the author for his words about the perfect rep. I tried to train my reps according to the authors description, and I haven't felt such pain in many years. How could the answer lie under my nose for all those years.' Again, thank you very much! -
Runar Karlsen

'The book is excellent. It is good to learn what supplements you don't have to bother with. I just have to get my act together and do the whole thing properly. Getting myself some fat calipers would help a lot.' -
Lisa-Maree Goodman


'I thought it was well informed and cut right to the chase. I have supplemented my diet as per your suggestions and it has given me more energy for my workouts, lasting feeling of fullness after my meals, and helped reduce my body fat to the 7-9% I was shooting for. thank you so much and keep it coming.' -
Daniel Smejkal


'I now know what supplements to buy and what not to buy' -
Calvin Lee

'..dispelled the rumors and myths about some supplements with scientific information. This publication is a necessary part of educating one's self to optimize nutrition for better health.' -
Robert Clarke


'I think it's good info for the average person that doesn't want to waste their time and/or money on useless products'
William Strauss

'I actually used the information from the ebook to help me decide on the type of fat burner to purchase. I am grateful for the information. It's wonderful to have the resources at my fingertips. Thanks.' -
Melissa Mangan


'Since using my EC product and adding the flax oil to my diet. I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I'm at a stand still right now but that's a lot in 2 weeks I figure my body is catching up at this point. I would be so happy with another 10 lbs. and I have no doubt that I can do that now. As long as I drink my water and take my supps than I'll be fine. I am a Shaklee rep so I have great vitamins and antioxidants to go along with the rest of my program and you've just helped top it off and make it much more productive and effective.' -
Candy Packard

'Fat Loss Revealed is excellent. I learned that there is no 'magic pill' no matter what all the advertising claims!' -
Caterina Lanni


'I have been able to be a little more selective in choosing my supplements with additional confidence. I am armed with more knowledge than the guy selling me my product!!!' -
Timothy Wilshire


'Outstanding information that you can put to use. About time someone comes 'Clean' about supplements.' -
Paul Loomis

'Will's e-book is a fantastic resource that really cuts through all the annoying, thinly veiled sales hype and gives the straight scoop on supplements. It's nice to know that the supplements I use actually work, and I'll be sure to avoid the ones that don't.' -
Curtis Gropp



'What I most gained was the information about supplements that really work.' -
Jan Nehnevajsa

'I was a few months into my program and was searching for products to help me achieve my desired results. I was looking at different websites and magazines trying to filter out the sublime from the real.

I finally came across Fat Loss Revealed and realized here was some straight information. This is what this supplement does and here is what people who have used it say and then an unbiased opinion by Will. It allowed me to make an informed decision about what I was trying to accomplish.

I have only been using the information for a couple of weeks and it is too soon to say for sure but it seems to be working.' -
Shawn McDowell

'...there are some products that I will not buy because of the book. So I would say the book has saved me money.' -
Mark Fuhs


'I was able to read the scientific proof about many popular supplements. Most of the research that Will revealed told me what I already suspected, and that made me feel good about the choices that I make concerning supplements.' -
Elizabeth Simmons

'I discovered what does or does not work without having to spend the money to test it for myself.' -
William W. Jackson

'Fat Loss Revealed help me pick the right supplement for me and gave me great info on same have lost 25 lbs so far.' -
Glenn Silva


FLR separates the hype from the facts. I now know what to buy and what to leave on the store shelves. FLR is an easy- to read book, yet very informative. The 10 Golden Laws of Fat Loss were excellent. They are now, and will continue to be, part of my daily lifestyle.' -
Jeff Jorgensen


'I learnt what supplements, weight training and nutrition will work for me to stay healthy.' -
Joseph F. Richardson


'I thought the e-book was very helpful towards losing fat. I learnt how to lose fat faster and keep it off.' -
Kyle Butcher

'I learnt what not to waste my money on. Very honest and to the point. Can save people money on gimmicks.' -
Lisa Tonella

'You have saved me money, but even more: my time and effort, by not having to do trial and error testing, you have helped me be on my way to achieving my goals. I have already lost 20lbs, and I'm well on my way to lose another 20+lbs.' -
Larry Rosado

'I understood why some fat burners worked and why some didn't. I wish I had read this book before I wasted my money on products that didn't work. I did save some money on products I would have tried but would not have worked.

I like the extra info I get in the Inner Ring forum. Finally, there's a place where I can get straight answers. I also use the nutritional data to plan my meals.

As I write this, I'm losing one inch off my waist every two weeks. I already lost 3 inches. My body fat is less than 10 percent and my six-pack is starting to show.' -
Bobby Gonzalez

'This book has many great learning aspects of supplements. It also gives good workout and diet tips.' -
Nicholas Cole


'The book was much more than I even expected. I find that I am constantly coming in and pulling information off the book. The format of the information is very easy to understand. Customer service helped me download my book, I am not a computer person, I was afraid I would never get my book open. They where great!!' -
Kelley D Thorn


'Just started a weight training program including your recomendations and the info learned in the perfect rep section. I am seeing results after just 2 weeks!!!' -
James P O'Connell


'I am just in my 3rd week of using the information in the e- book. I was already in pretty good shape before, but I had sort of reached a plateau. The 'secrets' he let me in on are fantastic. I can already see noticeable differences in my body. I'm getting stronger & losing body fat all while maintaining or even gaining some weight. Will Brink's book is exactly what I was looking for.' -
Jeff Herring

'The information has enabled me to work even closer to obtaining my desired goal/s. That is, more energy & a fuller understanding of 'good foods', as today in the UK there are so many sources of food/s that you have to be aware of what goes into a freezer & for how long before we, the consumer, are then fed the produce, i.e. on the supermarket floor to buy. The final cut is in having a better knowledge of food and stomping our children from eating JUNK food /sweets - it's not easy, believe me!' - Peter Mitchell

'Fat Loss Revealed has provided me with cutting edge information, helped me shed 10 pounds of fat in 2 weeks, gain 4 pounds of muscle and has transformed my physique faster than I thought possible.Whats more, it has helped me to totally change my training and dietary habits so I will never have to be dieting to lose a lot of fat again.Thank you Will.' -


'I am an academic and the book brought the science behind supplements right to my computer without me leaving my study.' -
Prof. Jacques Rossouw

'This book is clear, concise and gets right to the heart of the weight loss issues. This book is easy to read and understand and explains the inner workings of your body in such a way that you can finally understand 'WHY' you can eat this, and not eat that. Once you understand the physiological aspect of weight loss the rest is easy.

Using the info in 'FLR' I have went from 225 to 185, and went from a BF% of 28 to 14.5% in 16 weeks.' - John

'I think the FLR is an excellent source of no nonsense info, which will save me loads of money in the future' -


'I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I am very impressed with both the contents of the book and the level of service from yourselves. Your service and attention has been second to none. Thanks and regards.' -

'Its a very practice guide about supplements and the support is excellent.' -


'I'm new to supplements and was appreciative of the 'just the basics' style of the book. I liked the sections 'what the real world has to say' and 'recommendations'. It cuts through all the advertising bunk' -

'I thought the information was incredibly valuable considering I'm changing my diet around and I'm looking to lose weight effectively.' - Jeff

'I gained a lot of knowledge on how to use supplements and through my inner ring membership I have learnt now to waste money on supplements. I have just started applying the principles and are hoping to see results soon.' -


'It's a very good read and easy to understand. Anyone should be better off by reading it.' -
Rod Smith

'It is simple, easy to understand, convincing and it cuts through the heart of the matter in the shortest possible time.' -
Michel Commettant


'It seems to be working. After I read all the information, I started to take flaxoil in combination with green tea extract and Hydroxycut. I am trying for 1 gramm of protein per pound of lean bodymass per day (170 gramms in my case) and I have gone from 15.2% body fat to 13.2%, and maintained 195lbs total. I restricted simple carbs as much as possible, and eat as little saturated fat as possible. As an airline pilot, who is forced to eat airport food and in restaurants, not an easy task!I work out using power factor training once a week, and I feel great! The 2 e- mails I had sent, were answered within 1 day, even on a weekend!'
- Frank Feldhausen


'Adresses the most hotly contested supplements in a very stright-to-point fashion.' -
Julio Sanchez


'Very well written book with no filler material, but plenty of hard facts. Have only started a few days ago but I have already started to lose the inches from my waistline. :-)' -
Paul Antoni Evans

'Fat Loss Revealed is an excellent reference for the thoughtful person concerned about health but confused by all the market hype. I have modified my diet and supplements based on information in the book and feel better for the effort.' -
Doug Searls

'I really like the ebook. I have printed some information for my hubby and for myself. I have also looked for the proper ratio for my EC stack supplement and have added Thyrolean to my intake. I feel very good, relaxed and ready to put together my Pilates Reformer as soon as I get it in the mail. I just feel ready to hit it and get toned and as healthy on the outside as I feel on the inside. Thanks!' -
Lisa Ferro


'We will be using the book to guide our clients (we operate a sports therapy practice) on what works and what does not in the real world.' - Sue Rault


PS-Your results are guaranteed by my full 60 day 100% money back promise. If you aren't satisfied with the program, simply e-mail me and you'll be given a full refund.


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